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Email Swipes For Free Gift

From Name: Miracle Maker


1. [FREE GIFT] how to correct Miracle “Mistakes”

2. How to “control” miracles?

3. [GIFT] how to get your brain into “miracle mode”

We’ve all heard that miracles happen when we’re…

“… in the right place at the right time…”

That’s how people double their income “out of the blue”, right?


No one knows the rest of the quote:

"Miracles happen when people notice then ACT on the right opportunities in their lives.

Being in the right place at the right time is actually all about…

Being in the right state of mind."

See, being in the right place at the right time only matters if your mind is primed to notice it…

AND if it’s primed to “take action”.

That means that if you want to double your income…

First, your mind needs to be ready to recognize it...

Then take action when the opportunity comes.

That’s how to make your own miracles.

Luckily for you…

Getting your mind PRIMED to notice and take action…

So you can double your income for example…

Has to do with activating a very specific part of your brain.

And it’s never been easier to experience the miraculous…

By using a groundbreaking audio called The Golden Journey.

It’s embedded with a secret frequency that gets rid of “Mental Wealth Blockers.”

Right now it’s available as a free download, but only for a limited time.

===> Click here to get your mind ready for your miracle.


From Name: Miracle Generator


1. Create your own financial miracles?

2. Financial miracles on demand?

3. “Easy button” for financial miracles?

The people who mock miracles?

They’re just jealous..

Oh, they desperately WANT miracles…

They just haven’t experienced one yet.

I’ve just discovered an amazing brain hack…

Specifically for those who haven’t experienced a miracle… but want to.

Is that you?

It also works if you HAVE experienced a miracle… and just want more of them.

See, you CAN predictably experience miracle after miracle after miracle…

But ONLY if your brain is “primed” to see it coming your way.

The good news is you can actually prime yourself for miracles by activating a very specific part of your brain that gets rid of “Mental Wealth Blockers”.

Activating this part of your brain used to be physiologically impossible.

But I’ve just discovered a secret frequency that primes this little-known part of your brain…

And quickly removes those “Mental Wealth Blockers.”

That secret frequency is embedded inside a short audio track called The Golden Journey.

And it's available right now as 100% free download.

But it’s only available for a limited time.

(Match CTA with your Subject Line)

===> Click here to create your own financial miracles - while you still can

===> Click here for the “Easy button” for financial miracles - while you still can


From Name: Your Pocket Miracle


1. Miracles on demand

2. Become a miracle guru

3. When was your last miracle?

Most people BELIEVE in miracles.

But how many have truly EXPERIENCED one for themselves?

The ability to actually create miracles on demand just got A LOT easier.

I used to be a “miracle skeptic”...

But then I discovered a secret frequency that primes your brain to eradicate “Mental Wealth Blockers.”

So you can recognize miracles when they’re on your doorstep.

This secret frequency is inside a short audio track called The Golden Journey.

And it’s available right now as a 100% free download.

But it’s only available for a limited time.

===> Click here now to discover how to manifest miracles on demand.


Email Swipes For VSL/TSL

From Name:

Sign in the Sky


1. Sign of abundance appears in the Antarctic sky

2. ANTARCTICA: Sky Reveals Sign of Abundance


Recently there was a strange sign that appeared over the dark skies in Antarctica.

This sign portends a near-miraculous outpouring of abundance for those who heed its message.

See, my friend David was there and he saw it first-hand.

The sign triggered an outpouring of financial abundance for him that shook him to his core.

David says that even though this sign appeared months and months ago…

This portal to abundance is still wide open and available to anyone.

---> David made a video that reveals how to turn this sign in the sky into cold, hard cash.

You’ll need to hurry because this window of abundance will be closing soon.

If you want to discover the sign for yourself…

---> Click right here for

[Note to Affiliate: Text should match with the subject line]

1. Sign of abundance appears in the Antarctic sky

2. ANTARCTICA: Sky Reveals Sign of Abundance


From Name:

Crash Cash


1. How this car accident made him rich

2. Car accident makes him filthy rich

A car accident made David filthy rich.

But NOT because of an insurance settlement.

For David, it was much more of a gut punch than that.


It broke my heart when I saw David’s story.

As you’ll see, he lost his wife in a brutal car accident.

It came at the end of a struggle with scarcity that had brought his marriage to the brink.

His grief and shame led him on a journey to the darkest and loneliest place on earth…

Where he discovered a secret realm of abundance.

Access to this realm began to heal his grief…

While opening the door to unlimited abundance in every way imaginable.

What he discovered is this secret realm is available to every single one of us.

And once you discover this one “key” that accesses it, this realm can catapult you out of scarcity in no time flat.

The good news is you don’t have to travel to the darkest spot on the planet to discover it.

===> David made a video where he reveals this secret.

If you want to discover what this secret abundance realm is…

And how you can access today…

Then click here right now.


From Name:

The Key Holder


This Secret Realm of Abundance


Many traditions speak of a land of overflowing abundance…

With no sorrow, no pain, no sickness…

Where scarcity has been permanently banished…

And where abundance is the absolute law of the land.

Who WOULDN’T want that?

But these are just pipe dreams, wishful thinking, or fairy tales - right?


---> One man’s story reveals just the opposite.

After getting hit with tragedy after tragedy…

Sinking deeper and deeper into scarcity, grief, and shame…

He journeyed to the literal end of the earth trying to escape.

But the Universe had other plans.

He discovered a secret key that accesses this realm of unbelievable abundance.

It makes “fantasy” a “reality.”

This realm of abundance flows with cold hard cash…

Where beautiful homes, sexy cars, and exotic trips around the world are the norm, not the exception.

If you haven’t discovered how to enter this realm of abundance…

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

It’s simply because you haven’t discovered the key.

My friend David is the one who told me about this key to abundance.

Like I said, he literally had to “go through hell” to discover it.

He made a video that explains how you too can escape the “hell” you might be living through…

And start manifesting abundance starting as soon as today.

---> Click here to discover how to use this key to manifest this secret realm of abundance - TODAY.


From Name:

South Pole “Cash Santa”


The “Secret Realm” that Manifests CASH In Hours!


David was a “starving musician” who struggled just to make ends meet.

Then, his wife died in a fiery crash that stole his heart from his chest.

His grief sent him on a journey to the darkest, dreariest place on earth where he discovered a secret realm of abundance.

This secret realm unleashed an ability to manifest healing for his grief…

But also an uncanny ability to manifest cold, hard cash.

---> David made a video where he reveals how to manifest $500… $1,000, or even $10,000…

In a matter of hours…

But without the heartache and without having to travel to this “Dark Continent.”

Manifesting cold hard cash is simpler and faster than those Law of Attraction gurus say is possible.

===> Click Here Now To Discover How To Manifest Cash


From Name:

Manifestation Monster


Why some manifest thousands - and some don’t

When it comes to manifesting money…

Why do some people seem to have the tiger by the tail...

Easily manifesting beautiful, cold, hard cash as if they had a magic wand…

While others can’t manifest their way out of a wet paper bag?

One man thinks he’s discovered the answer - while working at the world’s most remote scientific research station.

And it has nothing to do with the Law of Attraction or what manifestation gurus try to sell you.

The answer appeared to him out of his own nightmare scenario where he found himself responsible for his wife’s death.

But he also discovered it’s based on the latest neurological research…

--> The Shocking Reason Why Some People Manifest Cold Hard Cash while Others Don’t


From Name:

Indiana Jones


Ancient Tibetan wealth secret discovered in Antarctica???


Recently there was a remarkable discovery in Antarctica.

A strange sign in the sky led a grieving husband to discover an ancient Tibetan manifestation secret buried in the frozen continent.

This ancient secret triggered an outpouring of financial abundance that changed his life forever.

---> David made a video that reveals how to use this secret to manifest cold, hard cash.

You’ll need to hurry because the authorities are trying to remove this discovery from the internet.

If you want to discover how to use this manifestation secret for yourself…

---> Then click here for the Ancient Tibetan wealth secret discovered in Antarctica


PS - This has NOTHING to do with L.O.A. or other manifestation cash-grabs. It’s truly unlike anything you’ve ever seen. So ---> go watch David’s video right now.

From Name:

Spirit Guardian


1. Why your abundance breakthrough starts in 3, 2, 1…

2. This signals your abundance breakthrough


This is your Spirit Guardian and I have an urgent message for you.

You’re about to experience an abundance breakthrough that will change your life forever.

Your finances, your relationships, and your health will all under go a massive shift.

It will be an outpouring of abundance like you’ve ever experienced before.

---> Click here for the full message

As your Spirit Guardian, I’ve seen your struggles, your pain, and your frustration.

But I just saw a sign in the night sky that prophesied your abundance breakthrough.

And when you follow this sign, your life will never be the same.

But this sign won’t last long.

Which is why if you want to experience this abundance breakthrough for yourself, you need to act now.

Click here for:

[Note to Affiliate: Text should match with the subject line]

1. Why your abundance breakthrough starts in 3, 2, 1…

2. The sign of your abundance breakthrough


From Name:



“Cancel culture” targets this manifestation program


There's a crazy 22-minute manifestation program taking the internet by storm.

Manifestation gurus are up in arms, trying to cancel out this program.

>> Watch this video before “cancel culture” kills it <<

Trust me, this video could change your life in every way imaginable…

But you have to move fast.



A: Shortcut for [FIRSTNAME]?

B: [FIRSTNAME], why did David go into the darkness?

C: How [FIRSTNAME] can avoid the darkness


I just heard from my friend David for the first time in years.

I was shocked by his story when I read it. And I cried.

He went to the darkest place on the planet to bring himself back into the light.

Thankfully, because he went there, you don’t have to, [FIRSTNAME]... ever.

This story is too weird for me to attempt to sum it up in a few words.

You really need to read it for yourself here


P.S. Let me know what you thought about Aria, the mysterious woman from Tibet that he met in this dark place after you read David’s story here.


A: Will “they" get away with controlling humanity?

B: Will “they” stop [FIRSTNAME]?

C: “They” don’t want [FIRSTNAME] to read this


And "they" don’t want you to read this message I received.


Have you noticed since the pandemic begin, that we are all losing our rights?

This isn’t an accident.

There are people who don’t want you to have freedom.

Because we are shifting into the Aquarian Age, "they" are freaking out.

"They" are scared of humanity waking up.

"They" are scared of YOU waking up, [FIRSTNAME]...

"They" don’t want a Golden Age for humanity.

"They" are like selfish toddlers who don’t want to share their toys.

And "they" definitely DON’T want you to read this.

It’s ancient Tibetan information that my friend David stumbled upon when he went to the darkest place on the planet.

And "they" know it can help you shift everything.

You really need to read it for yourself here.


P.S. Let me know if you are ready to claim your power and stop “them” from controlling humanity after you read David’s story here.


A: Quiz for [FIRSTNAME]

B: Quiz to help [FIRSTNAME] get unstuck

C: Which reason is [FIRSTNAME] feeling stuck?


This short quiz will give you deep insights into why you are currently feeling a bit stuck in life…

Before you answer, I want you to take a moment to reflect on your energy for the past week.

When you think about the past seven days, which thing do you think most impacted whether you felt stuck or felt empowered?

   My unhealed childhood trauma patterns

   My fear of success or failure

   My beliefs about my financial situation

   Untrue beliefs in my subconscious

After you pick your answer, go here to see if it is correct.



A: Will [FIRSTNAME] do their part?

B: Is [FIRSTNAME] completing their mission?

C: Is [FIRSTNAME] on track for this important mission?


I’m sure you know that we are beginning to shift into the Aquarian Age which will be a golden era for humanity.

But I’m not sure if you know that it might not be as wonderful as we think…

It all depends on the choices we make right now, including you, [FIRSTNAME].

You see… if we each do our part, complete our life mission, then humanity will go down a positive timeline with beauty, joy, and abundance.

But… if we don’t each do the important work we came here to do, then humanity might go down the AI timeline where we become batteries like in the Matrix.

To make the correct choice, [FIRSTNAME], you need to read this strange story my friend David just sent me.

You’ll see what he did to align his intention with his true path so he could do what he came here to do.

And you’ll see how his mission is to help you, [FIRSTNAME].

→ Go read his mind-blowing story here now.



1: The key to unlock your fantasy

2: The Titanic of today

3: What is holding you back?

Titanic is the second largest ocean liner wreck in the world.

Of the 2,240 passengers and crew on board, more than 1,500 lost their LIVES in the disaster.

It is The Struggle for Survival

Many have lost their lives. People have been held back from winning this struggle.

But finally, there is a key to winning this struggle and UNLOCKING your FANTASY.

It's about several people out there who have been CHAINED by their thoughts.

Your attention creates your REALITY!

>>Go Here To Unlock Your Fantasies of Abundance and Freedom Today




1: Your attention creates your reality

2: Get connected to the Life you want

3: At 31, He feels bad...

31 year-old Steve felt HORRIBLE and DEPRESSED.

Most of the people he used to be with now live GRAND lives.

They have great jobs and some even tour the world.

Each time he wishes to have what they have, he is reminded college proves he's DUMB…

But this isn't only about Steve.

It's about several people out there who have been CHAINED by their thoughts.

Your attention creates your REALITY!

Break from these Chains And Get Connected to the Life You Want Today




1: The moment you have been waiting for...

2: Eliminate scarcity with this discovery

3: Unlimited abundance is possible for you

Late Gary Halbert - a legendary Marketing genius made a famous statement.

He said:

"Nothing is impossible to he who refuses to listen to the voice of reason"

The world is filled with unlimited abundance.

It all boils down to your BELIEF - which could work for, or against YOU

That moment you have been waiting for is finally HERE.

Anybody from anywhere can achieve success.

Refuse to Listen to the voice of reason today and...

Eliminate Scarcity From Your Life with this Jaw-dropping Discovery





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